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my pets have left their purrrrsonal computerrrrrr on ... so i have decided to post my own webpage....

of course, i have a bit of help from my daughter, icy, and her father max, and the newer additions to our family, dustin and starr.

let me tell you a little me-ow about myself. i am purrrrrfect. of course, because i'm a cat! i am also beautiful, a gorgeous multi-coloured petite little darling, the cat's meow in my pets' eyes.

i was saved at the local barrie pet shelter .... right at the purrrfect time, i knocked over a broom in the little kitty room and caught the attention of my pet who was visiting with her daughters. the daughters ooohed and awwwwed over me because i was so tiny and of course they just had to bring me home.

my name came from a movie .... don't know what a movie is .... but dustin tells us there is a fascinating box in the downstairs room that everyone watches all the time ... he liks it best when there r pictrs of birds or meowing jungle cats

i've noticed that my pets have quite a fancy for us ... this entire house seems overcrowded with cats, my pet keeps rescuing them and taking them in ... but as long as i'm the queen ... well, they call me princess sabrina around here .... then everything will be purrrr-eaceful!

max is my best friend, and when he helps out with the daycare, like he's supposed to, then i let him share my food dish. he's actually a very good father, because he lets the baby kittens sleep on top of him at night.

lately my pet has been whispering around us, something that she talks about in hushed tones, a "very special appointment" for max ... the last time she did this for darcy and his uncle, calla, ... but, as our pet describes it, disasterrrrr strrruck when calla ran away in the parking lot of the vet's ... right after our pet signed the cheque for the "very special appointment" [Note from Seb: a car drove past the clinic and scared calla who jumped out of the daughter's arms ... everyone was sad when calla could not be found] .... i think r pet is hoping that max won't also run away, 'cause she just hates to lose money and be disappointed like that! but she's gonna try it again

my oldest daughter also lives here. icy is also purrrfectly beautiful ... she has her father's darling head and affection manner but has borrowed a lot of my clothes in her colouring. my two sons live with my pet's sister-in-law's children and are happily and purrrrfectly well-adjusted.

dustin is a newer arrival. he just suddenly showed up one day, said that he had been born in the house of a student of my pets ... and my pet just brought him home. at first he was annoying, because he kept trying to bite everyone and steal the attention away from where it should be ... on me! but he's calmed down very much now. every once in awhile, he goes back and visits my pets grade 8 students and he tells me that the kids there treat him very nicely. he tells us that he has to get dressed up with a leash and fancy body harness but the worse thing is that something called outdoor recess is too cold. he told us that he sits on the students' desks or sometimes he sleeps on our pet's desk at the back of the classroom. he also said he likes the principal, the "step"-principal and the other teachers of the school who pets him and all of the other kids in the other classrooms make a nice big fuss over him ... just like they should ... because he is after all a cat!

my pet also brought home starr, another addition from another one of my pet's students. but starr is very little and hasn't quite developed a purrrrrsonality yet. but if she is anything like everyone else in this crazy house, she'll become quite eccentric in no time at all!

there are also two dogs that live at our house but they are such sissies, they are afraid of us. their names are zoe, a big white labrador, and sam, a little sheltie who moved in with us when our pet's husband's dad also moved in. luckily we have a big house in the country and we let the dogs walk our pets around the countryside. we can control the dogs, all we have to do is just pretend to be mad, maybe even hiss or show them how long and sharp our claws are, and they bow down to us .... silly pooches!

purrrrhaps this would be a good place to offer some of my purrrrfect wisdom:

sabrina's top 10 list of being the purrrrfect cat:

1. a cat is a species of priviledge. do not underestimate yourrrrrself!

2. variety is the spice of life ... one day ignore people, ... the next day, just annoy them.

3. be sure and collect your reward for being so purrrrfect. maybe you can get your own pet to give you some more catnip or those pounce treats, although if they go stale in the can they taste funny. or maybe your pet will let you slurp out of a fishbowl so you can have a fresh dinner.

4. when eating out, think nothing of sending back your meal twenty or thirty times.

5. never sleep alone when you can sleep on someone else's face (this is dustin's favourrrrrite one)

6. be sure and find your place in the sun ... especially if it happens to be that nice pile of warm clean laundry.

7. always be generous to your own pets .... a small bird or rodent left on the bed tells them "i care".

8. ..... YAWN! oh, i'm tired now, so i'm going to stop this list. it's time for a cat nap.

and the final piece of advice: climb your way to the top - that's why the drapes are there!

this website is still under construction ... my pet keeps promising me that she'll post more pages of me, max, icy, dustin and the others.

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